Welcome to Dronninglund Castle!

Dronninglund Castle has through history been a nunnery, summer resident for a Danish king, queen and princess and much much more. Now a day the castle is used as a hotel, conference center and a restaurant. We have 22 rooms to your disposal and 6 different styled and sized premises for hosting exactly what you desire.

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Dronninglund Castle is located just outside the small city Dronninglund, which has taken its name from the castle. The Danish word 'Dronninglund' is a combination of two words: Queen and lund and the name fits perfectly. This beautiful yet cozy Danish pearl is located in lovely nature in the middle of Jyske Ås. Jyske Ås is a belt of nature created in the ice age. With its forests and hills it measures about 18x5 kilometers and is filled with routes for hikers and bikers.

Dine in our restaurant or have us make you a lovely dinner to enjoy it the wild. Stay here and you will find lovely isolation just a small reach away from big-city-life. For pictures click here. 

On this site you can find our room rates, contact information and learn more of our 800 years of history. If you are interested in hosting a conference, wedding, party or other please contact us by mail or phone. Unfortunately the English website is smaller than the Danish/Scandinavian so please don't hesitate to call on us. We will be ready to answer your questions and we are looking forward to help.  

Bid your friends and family welcome in premises where kings and queens danced and slept - bid them welcome to Dronninglund Castle!  

Room rates  

Double room with poster bed incl. breakfast

 DKK 1,095.00
Double room incl. breakfast  DKK 998.00
Single room incl. breakfast  DKK 695.00
Extra bed, adult incl. breakfast  DKK 325.00
Extra bed, child (less than 12 years) incl. breakfast  DKK 220.00

We also have different kind of stays including beverages. Please contact us for further info.

Our gourmet restaurant is closed during January and February. It is possible to make special arrangements.

To learn more – please contact us.